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Little Yellow Moon develops Freeware desktop games for Acorn-compatible computers running RISC OS. The software available from here will not work on Windows, Linux or MacOS computers without suitable Acorn emulation. If you would like to find out more about RISC OS computers or emulators, check out the links page.


27 April 2007 - New version of Themes Manager uploaded
20 March 2007 - Themes Manager beta added
13 December 2006 - Islands Level Editor added
7 November 2006 - Islands 1.1 added
23 October 2006 - Stable release of Islands added
2nd October 2006 - Site tweaked; Beta Islands download added
6th May 2004 - Site re-designed; Baka Chal download added
20th January 2003 - Site updated; development screenshots added
8th May 2002 - Desdemona released
7th May 2002 - Site created

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